Toasty Time started back in 2007 on a cold winter day…

…when the founder noticed a hole in the pocket of her favorite hoodie. Using a new sewing machine she just got for her birthday and a pair of unused mittens, she put the two together, and voila, the first Toasty Time hoodie was born. Wearing it around town, she got all sorts of reactions from coworkers, friends, and complete strangers. From little kids to security guards, she made these hoodies for her friends, started to get requests for friends and friends, and it just snowballed from there.

Pics from 2007 till 2014ish


They’re like, totally made in Cali

Toasty Time have always made an effort to make them as close to home as possible. When it first started in Brooklyn, the mittens were sourced from a family owned and operated knitting factory in Schenectady, New York, a lovely 5 hour drive up along the Hudson River. Today, Toasties for babies and kids are made in Los Angeles, a half a day’s drive from the new HQ in San Francisco.





Happy French Gang
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