Treasure & Bond

We are very pleased to announce that Treasure & Bond is the newest home for Toasties. Literally, 100% of the profits from Treasure & Bond are directly donated to charities focused on kids in our local community. 

This month, Treasure & Bond has partnered with Girls Write Now, a mentorship and writing program for high school students. So to spell it out, any Toasty purchase will contribute to GWN. Warm fuzzy feeling engaged.

Organizations from the past includes:
1 - Friends of the High Line’s Family and Education Program
2 - Coalition for the Homeless: Camp Homeward Bound
3 - Edible Schoolyard NYC

Treasure & Bond is a Nordstrom-owned store located in Soho in Manhattan.
Rachael Haubner, Treasure & Bond employee
Q: How many times did the words "Treasure & Bond" appear in this post?
A: 8!

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