DIY Pig Envelopes

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Happy Year of the Pig! 

Celebrating 12 years, a full zodiac cycle!

When the very first Toasties were made in 2007, the last time it was the Year of the Pig, they were made from reclaimed materials: A hoodie with a hole in the pocket and some oddly shaped mittens that didn't work really well as stand-alone mittens, but great as a pocket. 

In that DIY spirit, we're making our own pig envelopes,
and sharing it so you could Do It Yourself to make your own

The file is available for download here

Step 1: Cut around the black outline
Step 2: Fold along the dotted line
Step 3: For some pizzaz, add some color! Coloring in the non-pig rectangular side and the triangular flap is recommended.
Extra tip: Fill the inside part of the triangular flap with an accent color 
Now you got your creases and colors, you're ready to glue. You only need to glue down the two flap, not the triangular one.
Step 4: Put a little dab of glue on the sides. 
Use a piece of scratch paper to spread the glue to a thin layer so the it doesn't get globby and spill the sides when you fold the flap down.
And that's it!
You now have a little envelope, with a pig on the back and a colored envelope in the front.
Put some good stuff inside!
Seal it up and give to a special someone!


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